Loving Liam

Ariel | 24
Momma to Liam, born 7/30/2012

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Last year vs. This year 😭

Ben bought himself a playstation and he bought The Sims 4 for me… We aren’t going to sleep tonight. 😜😘😍

I had to put Liam’s carseat by the door for the day because my backseat is tiny and his seat is huge so there’s only enough room on each side of him for a pint size human when he’s in the middle. I’m not even driving yet and I’m already panicking… I don’t like thiiiis!

Long day 💤

Yasssss! #naturebox you are EVERYTHING!

Look who’s back in town for a few days! Auntie Naomi took Liam to Build A Bear Workshop today, trying to win back his love. Haha!

A good majority of his clothes are always from The Children’s Place, I shop there waaaaaaaay too much! haha! All of those half zips are so cute, I had such a hard time deciding which one to get! I think I may need to go back for the one with orange. I’m so terrible, there’s so much more at H&M I wanted to get but I had to make myself stop. Everything is just too cute. 

Retail therapy. Liam’s fall / winter wardrobe is complete. Minus his winter coat and shoes. :D

Someone sent this to my “ask” on my other blog. I don’t even have any followers on that blog… Who are you?????